Thursday, April 07, 2011

Fire Drill ?

We just returned to Madagascar from our Two-Oceans Cluster meeting in Johannesburg, and it was an unbelievable blessing to be there with such a great group of people and a fantastic team from First Baptist Orlando. This story however is about a little event that took place on the way to South Africa. It all started with us going to the airport at 5:30a.m. We arrived with no problems, checked in with no problems, and passed through security with no problems. As we were waiting to board the plane, we found out the this would not be a direct flight, but would be stopping an hour away on the resort island of Nosy Be. We fly to Nosy Be and are informed that we had to get off of the plane, collect our luggage, recheck-in, go through immigration/customs/security again, and then re-board the same plane and sit in the same seats. Meanwhile, there were about 500 tourists at this tiny airport that were not very happy with us going in front of them, even though we were just passing through. After we got back on the plane, we realized that we had just accomplished the equivalent of what we will call an Air Madagascar fire drill.


Samantha Lambert said...

What is it with you guys and airport issues?!

Anonymous said...

LOL! I was thinking exactly the same thing that Sam said! :) Airports and Jeeps...what's up with that?!?!? LOL :)

Anonymous said...

A way funnier version of a good ol Chinese fire drill!! :)