Wednesday, September 23, 2009


There is an uncountable number of slum areas in Kampala, and I may never get into all of them. This is Naguru, which is a slum that is very near one of the more affluent areas of Kampala, the contrast here is almost unbelievable. I spent all day Tuesday with my friend Douglas visiting the people of Naguru, and exploring the possibility of starting a house church there. As with all of these areas, the need is very great spiritually and physically. This first photo is of a group of women that are making local waragi (moonshine). We had a really good time getting to know these women, and after some time, I started to preach to them as they worked. None of them prayed to receive Jesus, but they all heard the gospel and were given an opportunity. I pray that they will take the words of God to heart and repent and ask Him into their lives.
This man is the landlord of this place and he is a believer, we had a very nice visit with him and encouraged him to share his faith with the community.

Typical scene of kids playing in the mud.

Mother and daughter. This maama saw Douglas and I and came to us and asked us to please come to her place. She is a drunkard and occasional prostitute and has been known to beat her daughter. We sat and listened for at least an hour as they both cried while telling us all of their issues. We shared with them, we preached to them, we prayed with them, and we loved them. At the end, they BOTH prayed to receive Jesus. Mukaama Ye Bazibwe!!!

We shared the gospel everywhere we went and preached at every opportunity, even in the middle of the street. It was a great day in Naguru. Please remember these dear people in your prayers.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunday in Buziga

We had the privilege of worshiping at Lifeway Baptist Church in Buziga this past Sunday. Andrew was asked to preach and encourage this congregation not far from where we live in Kansanga. Lifeway is a light in this community, its sits among mosques, an Islamic Institute and other avenues of false teachings.
This church is alive and on mission to reach those in their community. Please pray for this congregation as they prepare for a week long evangelism and outreach event culminating in the showing of the Jesus film. Our prayer is that God will go before them as they reach out as His "hands" and "feet" to share the love and good news of Jesus Christ!
The first hour of service includes great songs of worship and praise, sometimes its more than just the first hour! "Sing to him, sing praise to him; tell of all his wonderful acts." Psalm 105:2

This is Pastor Cosmos (left) with one of our young Ugandan friends, Everest. We pray for the leadership of this church, that they will seek guidance and direction from God. Everest is currently a student at Uganda Baptist Seminary. We praise God for this opportunity for him to obtain a solid foundation in the Word.

Here Andrew is preaching with translation help from our friend Joel. God's word is mighty and strong. Andrew encouraged the church to not be complacent pew sitters, that their role in the great commission is to go out into their community and witness to their friends and family and neighbors about what Jesus has done for them. And how He is willing to do the same for everyone who calls on His name. It was a great spirit filled service and the name of the Lord was glorified. The sermon was confirmation from God's word, to this group of believers that the good news of Jesus Christ should not remain within their four walls, but should be proclaimed throughout Buziga, Kampala, Uganda . . . "and to the ends of the earth."