Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tanambao V

A short update from Tanambao 5. We have been returning every Thursday to the house of Francisca, and are encouraged by her willingness to learn not only the word of God, but also her attempt to improve her ability to read. We have become quite known in the community now and more people are showing an interest in coming to talk with us and study the Bible with us. It is my belief that God is about to move in an incredible way among the people of Tanambao. I regret that I don't have new photos to show right now, especially since we had a herd of goats walk through our study today, but I hope to have some photos soon. Please continue to pray for this area of Diego Suarez and for the people that come to Francisca's house to study God's word. 

Friday, November 09, 2012


 Tanambao, one of the many neighborhoods of Diego Suarez that sadly, is full of lostness and hopelessness. A few weeks ago, I felt that God was leading me to this place so Christina and I took a walk deep into the area and stopped to talk with several of the residents that live there.

I was encouraged to hear that there may be some people that would like to study the Bible, but I would have to return and search for them. The following week I went back with my teammate, Adam Mitchell, and we were able to share the gospel and hand out 14 tracts to some folks that seemed motivated to learn. We returned on the day and time that they told us, but alas, no one showed up.

Disappointed, yes. Discouraged, no. 
Determined, yes.
Adam and I returned to Tanambao this week, met another man that everyone called Papa and he took us to the house of a lady named Francisca. After sitting, talking (and sweating) in her house for a while, she told us that she would like us to come back to her house on Thursday and that she would gather people that she knows that would like to learn the Bible. I would ask that you would please pray for this neighborhood, for the house of Francisca, and for the people to come and study God's word with us on Thursday. I will post an update about this next week. Thanks for your prayers, God bless.