Saturday, December 08, 2012

Getting MAWLed in Sambava

 M.A.W.L. model, assist, watch, and leave. One of the teaching methods that we use to teach, encourage, and prepare new Bible study/house church leaders to be effective at teaching others God's word.

On Monday December 3rd, Adam and I traveled 11 hrs from Diego Suarez to the Northeast town of Sambava to share the gospel, teach a new leader, and MAWL him.The young mans name is Slyvier (pronounced Sleve). On Tuesday the 4th we started the process by going to the nearby town of Ampanefena to share with a small group that he had gathered. We then went to a second group and then to a third group in the village of Tsarahitra. In all, we preached the gospel of God's salvation through faith in Jesus to over 100 people, and this was day one. We had brought some resources for Slyvier to use and he took advantage of it immediately. He gave out 100 tracts, 15 "good news" Bible study books, 1 Bible and 2 New Testaments.
On day two, the model part of MAWL was still happening. We traveled out into the forest to the village of Slyvier's wife, and I was able to share the gospel with over 35 adults. After lunch, we went down to another village and shared with another 25 adults. The spirit of God is moving in these places and it was incredible to see people that were so willing to listen and have a desire to learn more.

On day three, we spent one on one time with Slyvier, teaching different Bible study methods and answering alot of questions. Later that day, he was able to put into practice the things that he had seen and heard us do, this was the assist and watch portion of our program.                  Our time in Sambava was short, and our MAWL was accelerated, but not only do I believe that God will use Slyvier in a powerful way, but God has also answered our prayers by calling Kurtis and Holly Jones to go to Sambava and be His hands and feet for His kingdom. Please pray for the work and the workers in Northeast Madagascar as they strive to reach the Betsimisaraka people for Chirst.