Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Day at the Market

Today we went to the Any An Tsena Sabotsy, aka The Market. This market in Antsirabe is very large and has a large assortment of things, and compared to the other markets that I have been to in Africa, this one is very neat and orderly. We spent a couple of hours shopping and practicing our Malagasy, and bought bananas, pears, some baskets, and fresh flowers. We thank God for the opportunity to go to the market and learn more about the people that we have been called to serve.
Mamyko(my sweet)
Hena kisoa(pork)
Hena Omby(beef)


Anonymous said...

Looking good!

I like that you posted the Malagasy words for the items in the pictures. I'm a big languages fan. :) Hope everything is going well and everyone stays healthy as you study. You're magnet is on our fridge and your family is in our prayers.

Matt O'Driscoll

Anonymous said...

wonderful!! thanks so very you guys nannie and poppa

Anonymous said...

Neat pictures! Thank you for sharing your day at the market with us. I've been wanting to see pictures like this (and Christina you look marvelous!):-) Hope everything tastes wonderful! And as Matt said, thank you for putting the Malagasy words next to the items. Love you and hope you're doing well. Praying for your ministry and the Malagasy people!

Anonymous said...

I like seeing the words too but couldn't begin to think how to say them - unlike Matt, I'm not a languages fan! It just makes me feel like I'm a little closer to you all to see the words that you are trying to learn! Isn't it such a Baptist thing to learn food words?!! I'm sure the folks at the market were happy to help you with you study - much more fun than in a room somewhere! Love to all. Gwen and Russell

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that Y'all are out and about. Ay Chinese places there?

Neil and Nancy Jones