Sunday, June 10, 2012

Baptist of Diego Suarez Evangelism Celebration

The month of June has been a month of celebrating the anniversary of the Baptist Church in Madagascar, as well as an opportunity to have evangelism/outreach events all over Diego Suarez. The Jesus film, in the Northern dialect of Malagasy, will have been seen in two different sections of town by hundreds of people during this month.
 In partnership with our local church, we have had events every Saturday of the month to share the gospel of Jesus throughout our town.
 In selected areas of Diego Suarez, there have been booths set-up where people can come and receive information about the church, gospel tracts, and counseling.

 Of course, we not only hand out tracts to passersby, but we actively share the gospel with the people and invite them to join us on Sunday.
Occasionally, we have to conduct drive-thru evangelism. (whatever it takes to reach Northern Madagascar for Christ).

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the celebration! Love the "drive-in" evangelism! :)