Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Sunrise over Mahamasina
Our adventure to the village of Matsaborimanga was a two day trip, starting with a 2 hour drive to the village of Mahamasina where we spent the night.

Mine and Michael's accommodations were quite nice, this was our hut for the evening, and it was all inclusive. We did not have to go looking for anything, everything was there from bees to grasshoppers to mosquitoes, but it was really quite nice            

We left for Matsaborimanga early the next morning, because we knew that the trail there was going to be very difficult, and we weren't disappointed, it was a long, slow, very rough ride. However, we have been blessed with a strong truck that was able to cross the rivers, go over the big rocks, and through the bushes that the rabbits can't go.

We arrived at Matsaborimanga (Matsabori=Lake manga=mango) and about 25 adults and 25 children gathered to hear the Word of God proclaimed.  Michael shared the story of creation to Christ and at the end offered an invitation to receive the free gift of salvation. Derao ny Tompo!! (Praise the Lord!!) 11 of the people prayed to receive Jesus and have asked for more teaching.

The rainy season will soon be starting and the village will be impossible to reach, so we pray that we will be able to get some Bible study material into their hands before the rains come and that they would be faithful to continue to gather and study His word together until we can return.


Anonymous said...

this is incredible !!!! thank you and Christina for the williness to obey God!! We love you all so much!!

Cara said...

What great news! Love to y'all up north! :)