Wednesday, September 23, 2009


There is an uncountable number of slum areas in Kampala, and I may never get into all of them. This is Naguru, which is a slum that is very near one of the more affluent areas of Kampala, the contrast here is almost unbelievable. I spent all day Tuesday with my friend Douglas visiting the people of Naguru, and exploring the possibility of starting a house church there. As with all of these areas, the need is very great spiritually and physically. This first photo is of a group of women that are making local waragi (moonshine). We had a really good time getting to know these women, and after some time, I started to preach to them as they worked. None of them prayed to receive Jesus, but they all heard the gospel and were given an opportunity. I pray that they will take the words of God to heart and repent and ask Him into their lives.
This man is the landlord of this place and he is a believer, we had a very nice visit with him and encouraged him to share his faith with the community.

Typical scene of kids playing in the mud.

Mother and daughter. This maama saw Douglas and I and came to us and asked us to please come to her place. She is a drunkard and occasional prostitute and has been known to beat her daughter. We sat and listened for at least an hour as they both cried while telling us all of their issues. We shared with them, we preached to them, we prayed with them, and we loved them. At the end, they BOTH prayed to receive Jesus. Mukaama Ye Bazibwe!!!

We shared the gospel everywhere we went and preached at every opportunity, even in the middle of the street. It was a great day in Naguru. Please remember these dear people in your prayers.


Anonymous said...

Andy that is such awesome news!! Especially for the 2 ladies who prayed to received Jesus!! I pray that their lives will be completely turned around and that they will both stick to the new life they've found! I pray that Jesus will just manifest himself in their lives in such a mighty way and will provide them with the income they need to survive so that they may keep themselves pure! Mukamma Ye Bazibwee indeed!!
Love you!

Anonymous said...

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