Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I was extremly priviledged to witness and be a part of two wonderful things today.
A new clothing store opened in Kampala called Mr. Price and Walker has been asking me if I would take him there and buy him a new shirt because we haven't bought him one in two years. I told him that I would, but it would be in the evening because I was going out to visit a man that I had heard about. Christina and I drove out this morning to this man's house, it took about one and a half hours to get there, mostly because of traffic. When we got to the place, we were greeted by two very old women, who were so happy to see us. After all of the greetings and introductions were done, they took us into the house to visit with the Muzee(old man). Meet William, 75 years old, HIV positive, former drunkard, etc, and not a believer in Jesus. He was overjoyed that we had come to visit, and we sat and talked for a few minutes before I asked if I could share with him from my Bible. He agreed and said that he would like that so, I used the opportunity to use my pull no punches, no holds barred evangelism with him. When God and I were finished and gave him the chance to make a decision, he made the right choice, and we now have a new, old brother in Christ that we will be with in Heaven one day. While driving with Walker to Mr. Price this evening, I was telling him about William and the decision that he had made and Walker was so amazed that he had to turn his head so that I wouldn't see the tears. God's grace is amazing.


Anonymous said...

I am boo hoo crying right now over this joyous joyous joyous report. If I'm feeling this touched by this story I can't hardly imagine the party that the angels in heaven are having!!! God is so Amazing!! This really touches my heart! and the really really cool thing - I asked God this morning for some good news for a change!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE how He came through with much BETTER than what I asked for!!! But, no need to be surprised -- that's just the way our Daddy God operates!! Praise and Glory!! and.... Walker I hope you got a really cool shirt!! :)
Love you guys and love this story!!

Samantha said...

Wow - that's good stuff. Simple as that.

Anonymous said...

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