Monday, April 27, 2009

Update on Little Trevor

On Sunday afternoon, Christina and I drove north of Kampala to the little village where 5yr. old Trevor and his family live. I, for one was encouraged and praising God for Trevor's life, he seems to be ever so slightly improving by the grace of God. His eyes were open for first time since I have seen him and he has been able to take a little bit of porridge by mouth. His little body is still contorted and he is a long ways from well, but I think that God is going to use this healing and Trevor's life as a testimony to His power in this village. I was so moved by Trevor's grandmother, when she asked me "what kind of love would bring white people from the U.S. all the way out to my house, and where does this love come from" To have such an opportunity to praise God for His love for us with her and this family was quite an emotional experience. We are now praying for total and complete healing for this little fellow, and for all of the glory to be given to God. Please be in prayer with us.


Anonymous said...

What an encouraging message. I will continue to pray for Trevor's health.


Anonymous said...

What an awesome update!! Will continue praying for Trevor and his family! Praise God for this brave little angel!

Anonymous said...

Our healing team has been lifting Trevor up in prayer. That precious child and his family are being lifted up before our Father in Heaven. I believe that God will heal him completely as a testmant to HIS power and HIS purpose and HIS might so that the peeple in Uganda may know the ONE TRUE GOD!!